make cool custom coats

that make your dog look hot


THEM yourself!

We believe you’re never too old for arts and crafts! We build patterns & tutorials for women who want to learn how to make cool stuff for their weird-shaped dog.

And we're just about ready to launch the Scouter Wear Club that will help you make amazing products for your dog! Join now and you will receive the famous Alpine Coat pattern tutorial for free plus 50% off your first Pattern Pack which includes all the supplies needed to make your pooch a Cool Custom Coat!

Inspired Products For You and Your Pooch

Cool Stuff For You

Hey! It's not all abut the dogs right? Well, actually it is but we think you're important too! We have all sorts of products that help make your life with your pooch the best it can be.

Knit Dog Coats

Is your dog cold all the time? Or do you just like to dress your dog in cute, cuddly sweaters? We've got loads of patterns with step-by-step instructions including videos showing how to make them. And you can proudly tell everyone that you made it!

Sewn Dog Coats

​Do you have a hard time finding ​outerwear that fits your dog? Mixed breeds, dogs of unusual proportions, and other hard-to-fit dogs... we have all the patterns you need to for the perfect outfit.

Your Dog is Weird

We know because we have weird dogs too

It's a known fact - all the best dogs have weird shapes!
Is your dog long and skinny? Short and a little chubby? Long-backed, short-backed, whatever it may be, we can pretty much guarantee that it doesn't fit into the average store-bought dog coat. And we know how frustrating it is when you spend all that money and get a coat that doesn't fit. So why not make your own custom-fit winter coat, rain coat, summer cooling coat, or maybe a must-have hand-knit sweater? Every dog feels better in quality coats that fit! And when you make the coat your dog will love you even more for it!

Scout, the namesake of our company, is tall, lanky, long and skinny. No coat fit her so we had to make our own. Now we're sharing our secrets with you! We'll teach you how to make all of our coats. Buy patterns, video tutorials, supplies and more. Make that perfect coat for your weird and wacky cutie.

Not interested in making your own coats? No problems! You can still join our club to get deep discounts on all the products in our Scouter Wear Store.

weird dog owners unite​

Join the Club to Become One of Us!

Patterns, podcasts, and products - we've got them all. We'll have tutorials, webinars, one on one consultations and group chats. All focused on supporting you to make the clothing you want for your weird, wacky, fuzzy pooch.

and there's more coming...

As a member, you'll be the first to get access to a limited number of subscription packages which include:

  • New monthly seasonal PDF patterns sent to your email including step-by-step instructions along with full video tutorials
  • A Pattern Pack for one exclusively designed dog coat mailed out quarterly including all the supplies needed to make it 
  • Access to past patterns
  • Ability to upload images of your finished products, your sweet pooch(s) etc.
  • Access to the Artisan Corner where members can sell their finished products
  • Podcast, blog posts, and access to our private Facebook Group

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