DIY Dog Pattern Sewing Kits Now Available

DIY Dog Pattern Sewing Kits

Scouter Wear Now Offering DIY Dog Pattern Sewing Kits

We have some exciting news to share.  We’ve been a little quiet on social media these days, as we’ve been really busy behind the scenes.  But we're excited to announce that we now have DIY Dog Pattern Sewing Kits available so you can make your own dog coat!

For those of you that follow ScouterWear you may already know we design and create custom dog coats from start to finish for your furry friends.   It always brings us a flush of joy and pride when we see your dogs sporting ScouterWear designs.   Now we wish to give you the same opportunity to experience that joy and pride of creating your own dog coat with our DIY Dog Pattern Maker Kits.  We invite you to check out all the designs available that you can make at home by visiting SewReady Kits.

DIY Dog Sewing Pattern Kits Include:

  1. A printable digital pattern in sizes XS-XL;
  2. Step-by-step instructions with photos;
  3. All the supplies needed to make your own pattern;
  4. Choice of fabrics;
  5. Information on how to measure your dog for the perfect fit; and
  6. Optional Step-by-step video tutorials.

You can create a custom dog coat for your favourite family member for as little as $25.  Whether you are an experienced stitcher, or just starting out, these DIY Dog Pattern Kits have just the right amount of instruction to keep you on track and help you to finish your project. And if you are looking for more, I am excited to tell you about our SewReady SewAlongs launching this Fall! Read all about it below.

Learn How to Measure Your Dog

Measuring your dog can be a challenge and there are several tips that will help you get it right. Check out some of the other posts in my blog for tips on measuring. If you would like to learn more about how to measure your dog, then download my 4 Steps to Fit Your Dog Guide and Workbook. I’ll walk you through the step by step process to take all the measurements you need to make a simple dog coat.

SewReady SewAlongs Are Coming Soon!

Perhaps you have heard of a Sewing Bee.  These were informal gatherings based around a common love of creating things together – the idea being that you are part of a larger community with a shared interest. It gives everyone an opportunity to connect, ask questions, receive advice and share ideas.   I am excited to tell you about my upcoming SewReady SewAlongs providing that same feel of a community those sewing bees had. As part of these SewAlongs, you will have the opportunity to participate with others via our regularly scheduled virtual “meet ups” where you can work on any one of 4 fun projects ranging from easy to challenging. If you can’t make the times of the scheduled “meet ups”, that's OK, you will have access to the video replays and a Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions anytime, get tips and advice and share ideas with other members of ScouterWear Club.  We plan to launch our next SewAlong in October.   If you’d like to receive the latest updates on ScouterWear Club, new patterns and more, we invite you to subscribe below and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Get a Step-By-Step Guide and Workbook

Do you need help measuring your dog? Download my 4 Steps to Fit Your Dog Guide and Workbook and I’ll walk you through the step by step process to take all the measurements you need to make a simple dog coat your dog will love!

There's even a video you can watch that shows you exactly how to do it!

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My Vision for Transformation

My vision is not only to teach you the steps to making a dog coat but, more importantly, provide the opportunity for you to experience the creativity and pride that comes from making dog wear from scratch. It's not about the fabric or the needles or threads. It’s about magically transforming those components into functional dog wear.

My hope is to inspire and encourage you on your transformational journey so that you can master the art of dog wear design.

I'd love to hear what size you dog fits into or if you have any questions I can help you with. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about deciding how to pick your dog coat pattern size.  

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