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Lesson 1 – How to Measure Your Dog

Lesson 1

This is the first lesson in the free 5-part mini-course with lessons, tips and tricks on how to sew dog coats. This lesson is all about how to measure your dog so you can make a custom-fit coat that is comfortable whether you have a barrel-chested or deep-chested dog. With four simple measurements you can make a coat with enough room around the neck and belly and be sure that the belly band is in the right position.

I'll teach you how to measure:

  1. Neck Circumference
  2. Neck to Withers
  3. Withers to Tail
  4. Chest Circumference

After you've watched the video tutorial, download the step-by-step PDF instructions here.

Would you like a free dog coat pattern to sew for your dog, just send mean email to jill@scouterwearclub.com and let me know which pattern size you select during this lesson, and I will send it to you.

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