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Register now to take the Dog Coat Sewing Challenge and get 10+ hours FREE training! You'll learn everything you need to know to sew a custom-fit dog coat as a special treat for your furry best friend that will keep them warm and dry this winter! 

You'll learn:

  • how to measure your dog
  • how to customize a pattern to fit
  • how to pick the best materials 
  • how to sew it all together
  • + extra bonus videos for sewing piping, leash hook-up panels, and more

Even if you don't have much sewing experience, I know you can do this! Through my LIVE training seminars, I'll walk you through every step as we make a dog coat together! Plus, I'll help trouble-shoot any problems you might face along the way through live Q&A sessions. But don't worry if you can't attend live. I will be recording all the live sessions and you van access them on your time. You just have to register!

I have been making and selling custom-fit dog coats for over 4 years now and I want to share everything I know with you so you can custom-fit your dog with a beautiful and functional coat for wet and snowy weather!

Dog Coat Sewing Challenge Schedule

Lesson One -
How to Measure Your Dog Properly

A custom-fit coat ensures the most comfort and a better chance your dog will wear the coat. I'll take you through each of the 11 measurements you need and exactly where to take them.

Lesson Two -
Customize a Pattern to Fit Your Dog

It's one thing to measure your dog but how do you fit that to the pattern? I'll walk you through a simple process of matching your measurements to custom fit a pattern.

Lesson Three -
Let's Sew: Beginning Your Coat

So, you've got the measurements and you've cut out your pattern. Now let's make the coat! We start by cutting the fabric and then sewing in the lining.

Lesson Four -
Let's Wrap: Finishing Your Coat

Today we will finish sewing the coat. I'll walk you step-by-step through the entire process plus provide you with a ton of extra resources to ensure you have great success.

Note: The lessons listed above are just the starting point. We'll have action guides, step-by-step printed instructions, video tutorials, live Q&A sessions and a private Facebook Group where I will answer your questions... and more! But all of this is only available for a short time (it closes down on October 11th). So come and join me and check it out now before it's gone!

7 Reasons to Join My Live Dog Coat Sewing Challenge

  1. 1
    This is the first time this has ever been offered and I don't know when I'll offer it again - so if you want in, join now
  2. 2
    I'm giving away 10+ hours of FREE live training over 4 days teaching you how to make a custom-fit dog coat from start to finish including measuring your dog and customizing your pattern 
  3. 3
    You get a FREE printable dog pattern with all the instructions needed to customize it for the perfect fit for your dog
  4. 4
    I'll be teaching you the secrets that I have learned from years of making and selling custom-fit dog coats that are sold worldwide online and in retail stores 
  5. 5
    You'll get action guides, step-by-step printed instructions, video tutorials and live Q&A sessions to help you get going - even if you have little sewing experience
  6. 6
    You'll get access to the exclusive Dog Coat Sewing Challenge Facebook group where you can watch all the video's and recorded live sessions. Plus, you can connect with a community of like-minded stitchers and chat with me to trouble-shoot any problems you might be having along the way.
  7. 7
    And did I mention there is absolutely no charge? There is no need to use a credit card to get access. Just sign up below to get on my list! 


Lynn C

Fits Perfectly

I had Jill from Scouter Wear design a dog jacket as a gift for my friend’s dog. Even though I wasn’t able to provide the exact measurements, Jill was able to create the perfect size just based on the breed. The jacket was adorable, exactly what I hoped for, and the workmanship was outstanding. I would highly recommend Scouter Wear for anyone wanting a high quality and stylish jacket for their pet. Jill is a delight to work with.

Carla P

Nothing but Amazing Things to Say

We have nothing but amazing things to say about Jill and the jacket she made for our long and lean Mexican rescue pup, Lady Byng. Byng didn't measure into one of the standard sizes so Jill asked for a couple other measurements and tailored the jacket to what would fit best. After a few of weeks we identified a couple things that would make the jacket even better and Jill was super quick and gracious in making those tweaks for us. We (and Byng) love the fleece lining, reflective piping and built-in harness. It's an incredible jacket and we'd recommend Jill to anyone!

Margaret H

Nothing Off the Shelf Works for this Breed

Quality! I just got my third Lhasa Apso. Nothing off the shelf works for this breed. Lhasas are longer and their proportions never quite fit. Jill created a raincoat for Brandy that really works and is so cute. Love the reflective detailing. Got the Little Lady in bright green.

Janice W

This Jacket Had All the Features I Needed

I admired this jacket when I saw it on Scout in the dog park. This jacket had all the features I needed — fleece lining, waterproof, with a built-in harness. I picked it up today and my dog (and I) LOVES it! Easy to get on, with adjustable straps around the tummy and completely covers her back with a little flap to cover her neck if I wish. And it is beautifully hand made! What could be better?

Laurel C

Can't Say Enough About Our Scouter Wear Jacket

I can't say enough about our Scouter Wear jacket, especially during this rainy season. My favourite features are the reflective piping, multiple spots to hook up a leash, and just how completely waterproof it is. Our time (and furniture) is saved after a dreary walk, as we don't have to towel off as much - big deal when you own a big, hairy dog! Thanks so much Jill, you really went the extra mile! ~Laurel

Learn from my years of experience sewing dog coats and make a dog coat you'll love!


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