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Welcome to the SewReady™ Maker's Page

I'm excited that you've decided to take this journey with me to make a hand-made coat that is custom fit to your dog. 

By making your own dog coat, you are not only showing your dog how much you love them, but did you know you are also helping support local? Every hand-made coat is helping to support small business, from the local fabric stores where the supplies were purchased, to supporting my dream to create innovative dog patterns and designs that you can make. And by making your own coat you are helping the environment because you are not purchasing a mass-produced product which creates a tremendous amount of wasted materials and unused product.

So, are you ready to get started? 

Below you will find links to all the instructions for making your coat plus a few extras. And on the left you will find some bonus materials including a video tutorial on how to measure your dog. Plus, some tips and tricks to make your sewing experience easier.

I hope you enjoy making your coat and will make many more in the future!

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Be sure to introduce yourself by telling us where you're from and post a pic of your dog who you're making the coat for!

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